Delta Cargo Net



Electic bikes equipped with racks and baskets offer a lot more than just transportation. But if you’ve ever hit a bump while carrying precious cargo, you know firsthand that goods won’t stay in place very long. While a standard bungee cord helps secure larger items, it fails to protect smaller gear. Secure Bicycle Rack Net Expanding from 10” x 10” to over 22” x 22” the versatile stretch design secures even the largest, awkward cargo. Convenient Versatility Unlike bungee cords, our bike rack bungee net offers a tight 3” x 3” grid that safely secures smaller items. Great for bags, a backpack, or electric bicycle helmet, this bungee net bicycle is versatile enough for any adventure. Reliable Small Cargo Net With its precision molded thermoplastic hooks, our bungee net for bike rack ensures your gear won’t slip off when you hit a bump. Bungee web is designed for universal compatibility, it attaches to any bicycle rack or cargo net for motorcycles. Designed for Durability Engineered in the US with a premium 4mm diameter cord, our cargo net is super-durable for use on electric bikes, cargo net motorcycles, or kayak cargo net. It can sustain a strong pull, ensuring its tension and stretch remain intact after each use.


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  • Great for any rack
  • Stretch web secures those hard-to-hold items
  • Custom molded nylon hook