Kroozer Cups 2.0 Deluxe



The Deluxe Kroozer 2.0 is a super durable stainless steel cup holder for your electric bike. The new and improved mounting system includes an "any angle" mount for vertical or angled mounting. With the patented vertical mounting system, the Kroozie Deluxe has more mounting options than any other cup holder. Its famous stainless-steel durability includes not one – but two – foam inserts. This cup holder is versatile, big, and sturdy, and has never met a drink or a bar it couldn’t handle.


{"type"=>"root", "children"=>[{"type"=>"list", "listType"=>"unordered", "children"=>[{"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Stainless steel bicycle cup holder with a horizontal bar clamp."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Use on beach cruisers, classic bicycles, electric bicycles and comfort bikes. Also works great on boats, strollers, or any horizontal bar with a diameter of 5/8” to 1-3/8”."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Holds: drinks 12-48oz, tumblers, plastic cups, coffee cups, keys, phone, Bluetooth speaker or wallet."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Two removable foam inserts adjust to drink size and keep drink hot or cold."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Powder-coated colors are fade-resistant."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Stainless steel cup one piece no weld construction clear coated for maximum durability."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"New dual screw clamp design for the perfect grip."}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Hardware: stainless steel"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Cup height: 3.85”"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Cup width: 3.85”"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Inside diameter: 3.5”"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Outside diameter: 3.85”"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Max payload: 3 lbs"}]}, {"type"=>"list-item", "children"=>[{"type"=>"text", "value"=>"Weight: .90 lbs"}]}]}]}

  • Perfect for beach cruisers, electric bikes, classic bikes, strollers, boats, scooters, wheelchairs, and more.
  • Holds drinks up to 48 oz so bring on the 30oz tumbler or giant fountain drink.
  • Two removable foam inserts provide an insulated, snug fit so your drink rides securely.
  • Mounts to any horizontal bar between 5/8” – 1-3/8” in diameter.
  • Features a drain hole to prevent condensation build-up.